Cybersecurity – where to start? We answer!

For some time, it has been said that the IT industry and cybersecurity, which is part of it, are one of the most promising and profitable career paths. What’s especially important is that many specialists find a way to gain the required theoretical and practical knowledge as well as experience on their own. How to start the adventure with cybersecurity? How to learn? Get to know our tips!

Cybersecurity – why is it worth it?

Research shows that every year more and more employees specialized in cybersecurity are sought. All this is related to the increasingly advanced technologies and attack methods used by hackers. Both small and large companies want to have someone in their staff who will be able to quickly and effectively resolve a crisis and introduce appropriate security measures.

How to start working in the industry? It turns out that there are two different ways. The first of them involves several years of education at a university with the specialization focused on cybersecurity. Undoubtedly, this is a path that will require many years of work, but it is very common for companies to recruit first-year students who are well-versed in the matter and willingly invite them for an internship. The second way is regular training on the so-called cyber ranges such as, i.e. virtual environments where hacker attack simulations take place. During automatic and team training, you can learn not only effective Incident Response, but also how to work under time pressure and in a diverse team with other specialists.

Practice is the way to success

Activities carried out on cyber ranges require a lot of involvement from participant. During the training offered at CDeX platform, he receives not only theoretical materials, but also the opportunity to practice knowledge you gained. Some scenarios are also played under the supervision of experts in real time, so everyone can check and test their ideas in a safe environment.

Skills that are useful in the cybersecurity industry

People who are about to start their adventure in the cybersecurity industry should remember that this is a branch of the IT department. Therefore, all kinds of IT and programming skills can not only facilitate learning, but also result in higher earnings. In addition, companies are also looking for specialists fluent in English, which enables the fastest access to the latest information in the world. Speaking English can also make it easier to find a job in foreign companies and organizations!

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