Advantages of Stainless Steel Flanges

Flanges are objects that are welded or screwed, then bolted together to form piping. The equipment used during the flange method are pipes, pumps, valves, among others. When connected using bolts, the liner between them provides a seal. There are many types of flanges, and  stainless steel flanges are the best choice in piping due to their numerous advantages.

Resistant to Corrosion

Stainless steel flanges are resistant to corrosion. It rusts whenever metal is exposed to moisture, oxygen, acid, or alkaline solution and chlorine. Though some pipes are installed underground, rusting leads to leakage in pipes, which can be hazardous. Stainless steel can’t be corroded; hence, no dangers of leakages and no costs for repairs and replacements. They are useful in industrial plants that produce alkaline and acidic solutions that flow through pipes. They are known to last for an extended period in many industries around the world.

Resistant to Heat and Fire

Some industries use fire and heat during production. The stainless steel flanges connecting the pipes remain intact, enabling the flow of liquids. Their ability to remain resistant in high temperatures allows them to be used in feedwater heaters, superheater boilers, and aircraft applications. The nickel and chromium materials that produce them enable resistance to scaling. This unique feature allows heater boilers, aerospace applications, among others, to retain high temperatures without collapsing.


The ease of cleaning the stainless steel flanges is another advantage. The ability to maintain a high level of hygiene in piping makes most people go for them. Some institutions are strict on hygiene conditions, including schools and hospitals; hence, the ease of maintaining cleanliness. To clean them, use a wet cloth and then wipe them with clean, dry clothing. The fresh look makes them have an aesthetic appearance regardless of whether they have been in the kitchen, industries, or hospitals.

Long-Term Value

Stainless steel flanges are also preferred due to their long term value. When purchasing flanges, it’s crucial to consider their life expectancy and cost of maintenance. Their durability saves on costs of repairs, maintenance, and replacements. Their materials increase the life expectancy, which is advantageous to homes and institutions owners. Once the installation of the piping system is done, it only needs cleaning once in a while.


It’s essential when the mind click for stainless steel flanges as they are 100% recyclable. In case of replacement, the old ones aren’t a threat to the environment as they can be melted. They then become the stainless crap that can be used to make other stainless steel equipment. Reusing the melted steel also saves on the cost of buying new equipment.

The stainless steel flanges have more proneness than cons. When used for piping, little money is used on maintenance. Again, their durability increases their life cycle, which also saves on cost and installation labor. Once they are used, every institution can keep up on the strict measures of environmental hygiene. If planning to install a piping system, always go for the stainless steel flanges.

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