Online Reputation Meets Negative Content Online

Let’s be honest – online reputation matters, and the numbers speak for themselves.

FinancesOnline claimst 84% of businesses review their applicants’ social media accounts when hiring new team members and about 54% of employers decide not to hire candidates based on discovered harmful online content.

If recruiters need to review hundreds of applicants, the internet is their ultimate resource for screening purposes.

Within a few clicks, one google search can reveal a lot about a person’s criminal history, personal information, and public news.

Unfortunately, we live in a not so ideal world where people are quick to judge and are incredibly hesitant to offer second chances.

If you find your name on google, are you happy with what you see, but most importantly, how will others view you?

Removing Yourself From The Internet

Looking to remove harmful content from the internet, look no further. Managing your online reputation is very time-consuming and not easy, but it’s not as hard as you might think.

It’s just like taking care of a car, you identify the problem, take appropriate measures to fix them, and consistently maintain it thereon.

Now, let’s break each step down in line with negative online content removal issues.

Identify Key Negative Content on Google, Bing, or Yahoo

Search your name on any online search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Browse through the results and identify any website links that obtain your mugshot or unwanted information. You must crawl the internet and find all the websites posting your negative content.

The longer your information is posted, the more likely other people will find it and repost it on different online channels.

Repair & Restore Your Reputation

After you have identified all the websites, without clicking on the link (clicks to a link will tell Google to rank it higher), get in touch with an appropriate website administrator to submit a removal request.

They will guide you through their content removal process and have your content erased from the website.

Every website is different, and some business affairs may take longer than others. Make sure to follow up with each site to ensure your content is removed by your standards.

Routine Maintenance Online

Even though you may think the deed is done, there is no telling if and when someone else fills the shoes.

Just like car maintenance, routine check-ups are essential for the health of a positive online reputation.

The longer a problem goes unnoticed, the more damage it does down the road. If and when the next strike occurs, you need to be prepared and proactive as soon as possible.

Like your car, your online reputation is extremely valuable if not more.

Content Removal Service

If you don’t have the time or the patience to manage your online reputation, work with a reputable online reputation company with years of experience handling online reputation issues.

Leave the stress to a company that has the resources to secure your information efficiently and quickly.

They will provide you with a team of experts that know how to remove yourself from the internet before it is found in the wrong hands.

Who is

Here at EraseMugshots, we understand those troubled by this and offer a 100% guaranteed mugshot removal solution to remove your arrest details from the internet.

Meaning that if we fail to remove the requested content, then you are entitled to your money back.

After you fill out our free removal analysis form, we will contact you and discuss your situation’s best solution option.

Our team of experienced removal specialists and complete removal solution process will uncover all mugshot websites revealing your booking information and monitor your results for up to 12-months afterward to ensure successful removal.

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