Programmatic TV, an Explanation

The programmatic television is to rely on the digital tools and the new technologies to automate data for the best way of producing and delivering the advertisements towards the TV content, which also includes the digital TV ads serving on the web, connected TV and smart devices. There is already a giant business with more than $68 billion in television advertising. The programmatic TV is going to bring advertising more efficiently and drives more business for its automation of advertising transactions.

 Is Programmatic TV Streaming?

Unlike the traditional TV relying on the “linear” schedules to broadcast the programs on a set of times and dates, the programmatic TV marketers could also choose to dip into streaming TV, in which, when and what to watch are decided by the consumers rather than the service providers.

 What is Advertising with Programmatic TV?

This kind of advertising is to deliver ads via the web and other smart devices connected while also focusing on the TV, which is connected to the internet. It also has gaming consoles, setup boxes and some other devices to collect and transmit data about the users. The data collected may target the interest of advertisers depending on the location and the habits of viewing.

 What Is the Advantages for Programmatic TV Advertising?

As new technology is more advanced for programmatic TV, the programmers could track directly on the selling impressions rather than track based on the popularity and viewability of television shows. Also, programmatic TV could help monetize the inventory better since they could obtain the information about demographics that adds good value.

Besides, when brand advertiser is planning and automating the metrics and buying, programmatic TV is also helpful to the campaign, because it provides much more brand exposure since the advertising could specifically reach the targeted audience and as such increase the efficiency in the marketing.

Campaigns with programmatic TV could also be measured in the manner of real-time. Changes could be brought and tested more easily, such as adding the creative target to improve the performance while still focusing on the end game.

 Market Statistics of Programmatic TV

By the market statistics, connected TV as well as social video are the two growing areas in digital ads. The marketers in the United States will increase their budgets for the connected TV ads in 2020 by 28.0% to 8.88 billion and their budgets for the social video ads in 2020 by 23.2% to 13.44 billion. Also, a share of the increasing dollars of video ads will transact programmatically, which means the marketers in the United States will spend $27.23 billion in 2020 on programmatic video, and it is 47.5% of all programmatic digital spending.


All in all, the programmatic TV advertising has brought a large of benefits to the programmatic TV buying companies with the comfort to target the audience, and the budgets have also been raised by a number of the companies who have moved to the Programmatic TV ads.

Advertising is the means for the business to market its services, products or concepts. As the world is more and more become digitized, the around $70 billion advertising business in television has poised for change. The programmatic TV’s real promise for the programmatic TV buying companies is its ability to buy audiences instead of using the program as a proxy.

It goes without saying that programmatic TV advertising, which provides effective and data-driven automation for advertising transactions, will attract more and more companies to go for it.

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