The Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Having a food business can be tricky in a lot of ways, but your menu display just got a lot easier. Digital menus are growing as the norm for face-paced restaurants as they simplify the menu displays and attract new hungry customers.

A digital menu board is a display system that displays dynamic menus on screens. It can also be used to display ads, promotions, and even live television. To learn more about digital menus, keep reading to discover just a few of their great benefits.

Boost Sales

Yes, the use of these digital menus has been shown to boost your sales! The use of them can bring close to a 32% increase in sales overall. This is because people interpret the world visually. So, if they see a delicious bowl of soup being poured on the screen above them, they are more likely to choose that meal over something smaller or cheaper.

About 74% of customers say that an easy-to-read menu is largely influential in their purchase decisions. So, a clean, beautiful, easy to read board can both attract people to your business and upsell them on some of your more luxurious items.

Easy to Update

A time-consuming and sometimes costly endeavor of updating a menu requires new posters and the installation of them. Time can also wear these papery signs away over time and make them hard to read, which we have shown can lower sales.

But with digital menus, it only takes a bit of design and a few minutes to update a menu. Now you can just type in that you are sold out of one product, versus telling every customer who walks through the door. It is a huge time saver and even better for the environment as opposed to paper menus.

Convenient to Use

No matter what kind of system you get, digital menu boards are designed to be easy to see and easy to use. As a customer, they give you all the information you need attractively and entertainingly. And as a business owner, you now have more freedom over the design of your menus and can create them easily and as often as you like. For both the business owner and the consumer, these boards are convenient to use.

Better Customer Experiences

Every business owner wants their customers to enjoy their time in their business, and this is particularly true for the food industry. Eating food at a restaurant is an entire experience, and you do not want it to start sour because of a complication with the menu. Digital menus offer more personal interaction with the material and help in leaving them with a delighted experience.


If your business is growing and you are looking to simplify your workload while also attracting new customers, a digital menu board could be a great option for you. They help alleviate the need to rotate menus and make new displays for specials, while also being simple and easy to use for all of your business needs!

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