How to Choose the Right Construction Time Clock App

The construction business continues to be in the midst of one of the biggest booms in industry history. With this unprecedented growth, it is more important than ever for construction companies to be as efficient as possible. To do this, many companies are looking for ways to reduce time spent on mundane tasks and focus on delivering results. In today’s digital world, there are several tools to increase efficiency and improve the effectiveness of your team.

An innovative time clock app equipped with GPS can be an invaluable tool for construction companies. Tracking time and efficiencies can be instrumental in improving the overall effectiveness of the team. However, in the past, tracking time has proven to take up a significant amount of resources and time. If your construction company is relying on paper timesheets or Excel spreadsheets, it is time to switch to digital tools. A time tracking app can provide new insights into the correlation between time management and the effectiveness of your team. Let’s take a look at how you can choose the right time clock app for your construction team.

Data Visualization


Perhaps one of the most important things to look for when selecting a time clock app is data. Chances are that your construction company, like so many other businesses, is relying on big data more and more these days. Your time management processes shouldn’t be any different. You will want to select an app the provides data visualization to give you information graphics. An app that incorporates data visualization tools will help you see trends and patterns within the time and location data. You can utilize bar graphs, line charts, and other infographics to make comparisons and create plans to improve efficiencies. When selecting a time clock app, you will want to be sure that it includes data visualization capabilities.



With so many things to do, time is valuable. You will want to select a time app tool that gives you more time to do other things. Instead of pouring over spreadsheets and trying to extract raw data, choose a time clock app that streamlines things for you. The best tool will allow employees to use their mobile devices to clock in, log meeting information, and track location and job information. This data can then be generated into reports and timesheets automatically so that you don’t have to do it. This will save you time and ultimately money.

Easy Implementation


As with most things, change can be difficult at first. When looking for new time management processes, it can be difficult to bring on a new system. This can be particularly true since your crew is already so used to the old methods. This is why it will be extremely important to look for a time tracking tool that is designed around efficiency and user-friendliness. Choose a system that will allow your team to be trained easily and implemented quickly. It might mean that there will be some policy changes or even some technology upgrades to allow for accurate interaction with the tool. The important thing, however, will be that your new system is easy to use and will help your business make a seamless transition.

Additional Features

Some features that you might want to look for are GPS functionality, flexibility, automation, and scheduling. GPS will allow you and your team to keep track of location and times while on the clock. Flexibility will allow the app to be used on a variety of devices in several situations. Automation will increase the accuracy of time management and can even do the scheduling. The goal is to make your life easier and increase the efficiency of your construction business. You must find an app with tools and features that will be most useful for you and your team.

A time tracking app could be the solution that you and your team have been looking for to save time and money. You can streamline time management with a tool that can provide data visualization, save time, and allow for easy implementation. In the construction business, time is money so why not use a tool that saves time and increases productivity.

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