Facts About Industrial Mixers

When you hear the term mixer, you probably think of the baking device in your kitchen. You may be shocked to know that there is another world of blending machines out there. The industrial mixer is a similar device but used for large-scale operations. While it is similar to your household tool, it can be more complicated and leave people with many questions.

What Do They Do?

Industrial blenders operate just like household mixers. They blend various ingredients, such as food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and minerals, to make products. The main difference in their operation is that they aren’t just used for food. Instead, they are used in many industries.

What Industries Are They Used In?

The most common include food and pharmaceutical. They are also used in biotechnology, oil, biofuel, and more. They can be found to some extent in almost any industry.

What Do They Mix?

They blend solids, gasses, and liquids. Additionally, they can combine these materials to form pastes and other products. Mixing can be completed at once, or ingredients may be added in multiple stages to get the right blend.

Are They Similar to Household Mixers?

They sort of look like your household tool. The main similarity is that both machines use a blade or paddle to blend ingredients. The primary difference is in size. While your household mixer can fit on your counter, industrial ones are much larger. They can range from small laboratory mixers to large production ones. The small ones mix only a few pints, while others can hold thousands of gallons of ingredients. These are also significantly sturdier and dangerous, so workers need to take safety precautions and conduct process evaluations around them.

How Many Types Are There?

Dozens of industrial blender types exist. Some of the most popular ones include ribbon mixers, V blenders, continuous processors, double cone blenders, jet mixers, mobile mixers, planetary mixers, drum blenders, Banbury mixers, and screw blenders. Each one has a specific function. For instance, planetary mixers are used to mix round products, including adhesives, pharmaceuticals, food, plastics, electronics, and pigments. This type has blades that turn on shared and individual axes to combine round materials quickly. Meanwhile, the Banbury mixer is used to blend rubber and plastics.

Industrial blenders come in many shapes and styles and can be used to mix many different ingredients. While they may look like household mixers, they are must sturdier and tend to be used in more industries.

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