Using Email To Create Help Desk Tickets

When consumers experience issues with their product or service and need to submit a request for help, an IT help desk comes in handy. Sometimes, users may not be as technologically savvy as they wish to be and need additional assistance getting the help they deserve from the company they’re attempting to reach. When they go to submit a request to a help desk, it may require them to submit a help desk ticket; if users are unaware of how to do so, they may end up not asking at all and moving on to another company. So what is a help desk, how does it work and how do you make your help desk as easily accessible as possible?

What a Help Desk Does

Companies with information technology workers often use something called a help desk to fulfill user requests, log common issues and improve business efficiency. This software can be a necessary element of both tracking and organizing company data and can improve communication between co-workers by keeping everyone’s data reachable.

Help desk systems can be both simple and complex, depending on the user. While they may seem easy to use for most, some customers may have trouble submitting requests for assistance. Knowing how a help desk functions and what you can do to make it even more accessible for those consumers is important to making the IT request service smoother.

How a Help Desk Functions

Help desks function by managing and organizing the intake of requests from users. They sort each ticket, often by ticket ID numbers, so that the IT service workers can make decisions about top priority tickets and discover repeating issues that need to be addressed at a deeper level.

The function of a help desk, to a consumer, is as a type of customer service. Quality customer service is among the number one traits in any successful business, so having a top-notch help desk system can be a crucial element as well. When customers run into an issue, they usually turn to the company of the product or service for help. If their issue is not resolved, it can give a bad impression of the company, which is never ideal.

Why Email Can Improve Consumer Usability

If navigating a specific system is too complex for some of your users, having the option to email the help desk to auto-create help desk tickets could be the right option for you. Instead of asking your consumers to learn a new system just to submit a request for help from your IT service members, set up an option for them to send an email instead.

Once they send the email to the help desk, make sure the system is equipped to auto-generate the help desk ticket. This way, your users have an easy experience but your service staff only has to sort through the tickets, rather than emails and phone calls. Submitting a help desk ticket via email is the easiest way for your users to achieve the level of service they’re searching for from your company.

Keeping track of user requests to fulfill, noticing flaws in your system and keeping consumers happy doesn’t have to be an unattainable, intimidating task. Utilizing the resources found with a help desk ticketing system can greatly benefit your team and your users by opening up easily accessible lines of communication, both between the users with the IT workers and the IT workers with their team. Instead of asking consumers to learn a new system and potentially scare them away with the difficulties of technology, have them submit their requests via email and let the system sort the tickets for you.

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