The Need for Plagiarism Checkers for Coders and Programmers

Plagiarism Checker for Coders to Avoid Plagiarism in Programming

According to HackerRank, 20% of the computer science students of Stanford committed some sort of cheating. They also state that half of the code violations at Brown last year were related to the plagiarism on computer science codes.

The developers can also plagiarise, and the idea of plagiarism in computer science is beyond copying or taking inspiration from another person’s work. The source code plagiarism has been extensive, and the universities are strict about this sort of plagiarism.

Most universities regard the idea of stealing someone else’s hard work as a challenge to their academic integrity. Therefore, to avoid any unwanted circumstances regarding plagiarism, the students should check for plagiarism using a code plagiarism checker.

What is Plagiarism?

When a person takes someone else’s works or ideas and uses them under his/her name, the practice is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is the stealing of any artwork or intellectual property.

What is plagiarism in coding or programming?

When a student or programmer copies or reproduces the source code without permission from its original creator, it is considered plagiarism in coding. In case the programmers have taken fragments or some parts from the source code and have used it in their work, it is an instance of plagiarism.

On occasions, the coders change the original code into a different programming language. In case they haven’t taken any permission from the original creator, it is counted as plagiarism.

The institutions offering computer science courses take the idea of plagiarism seriously. In case the students are using a code generator, they may end up plagiarising.

When working on a graduation project, the student must strictly avoid using code generators or plagiarising any code. To avoid all sorts of plagiarism, the students can use plagiarism checkers for coders.

Why Plagiarism in Code Matters?

In the case of any art or work, plagiarism is like disrespect to the original creator. The originality of work is always given importance. When someone is using fragments or whole of source code and using it as their own, it does not only remain as an ethical issue.

It affects the original creator as much as it can adversely impact the person copying the code. If the original creators want, they can take legal actions against the person.

In the case of classroom plagiarism, the institution may give the student a failing grade. They can also take action against the students based on their educational policies.

How Can A Coder Avoid Plagiarism?

The coders should prioritize the originality of their idea while working on a code. Copying the source code can affect their career, and they may have to face legal proceedings. Therefore the coders need to be careful while working.

They can do sufficient research before working and then write the code. After that, they can do a proofread to look for any copied code.

They can also use online tools for it. To avoid this, the coders and programmers must use a code plagiarism checker that helps them to check for plagiarism present in the code.

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