The Impact of Technology on Business Processes and Performance

Technology is at the forefront dictating how people do business. In the modern era, computers employee pc monitoring have taken over the processes of a business. These platforms offer monitoring tools to monitor the performance of companies. Data and information obtained from the systems will help management to make short-term and long-term decisions.

Company systems with sensitive data may attract attacks from hackers. The cybercriminals find ways to manipulate the system and data to their advantage. Businesses can protect their data using modern technological advancements against cybercrime.  A RAID calculator acts as a shield to your local hard disks against attacks from the outside world. In this article, we will discuss the relationship between technology and business.


The use of automation features in machines speeds up the production process. It increases the speed in undertaking the tasks.  Technology reduces the cost of production by lessening the process. It also aids in adding value to products to fetch a higher price in the market. Service-based professions such as finance and healthcare depend on technology to offer services to clients.


Businesses can collect data in real-time. The use of bar codes in shops and supermarkets lessens the time to take stock and make sales. A manual process would prompt the businesses to close shop for a few days. Business operations improve with small businesses embracing the use of software in their operations. Purchasing the right hardware for the business can help save costs on labor.


Global communication is now affordable and accessible all over. Technology aids in sharing a large amount of electronic data over the internet. Businesses can communicate with clients over the internet as well as sign documents electronically.  Convenient communication has cut the costs in planning and hosting of meetings. A conference call can create a face-to-face virtual meeting with stakeholders.

Brand Awareness

Technology thrives on constant innovation and creativity. It requires companies to keep up with the changes. Businesses can collect data on customer preferences to advance a product. Companies are using new technologies to advance their products in research and innovation. A superior brand in the market will reach out to a large number of clients. E-commerce is taking over as the modern business process. It is safe, interactive, and efficient. Online traffic is the market that businesses are looking to convert into loyal clients.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Financial processes are automated and easy to keep track of. An electronic backup to the manual receipting process smoothens the financial tracking and auditing. Employers use technology to check for the accountability and performance of employees.


Management must evaluate business processes that are expensive and time-consuming. Incorporating technology into the system will ease up the operations and free up resources.

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