Top Reasons for Parents to Get Parental Controls for their Kids

We are living in a digital world where we are influenced by technology. This not only applies to us but to our kids as well. Nowadays, parents are raising a new generation that is heavily influenced by technology. The use of electronic gadgets as well as the internet has become the new normal.

Parents usually hand over a cell phone to their kids so they can be in touch with them whenever they are at some distance. This gives them a sense of relief as they can find out where their kids are and what could they up to be.

However, providing kids with a cell phone or any other electronic device may also expose them to several online threats. Many online dangers surround kids on different social media and gaming platforms. That is why installing a reliable parental control software on your kid’s device can help them have a safe experience on the internet.

Top Reasons to Use Parental Controls

Just like kids need protection when they step outside of their homes in real life, they also need protection from online threats while they are online. Suppose you are heading out and leaving behind your kids at home, you would teach them to lock all the doors and windows so they can be safe.

Similarly, when you provide your kids with access to the internet, you should also install a security system on their devices. By security system, we mean installing good parental controls and setting up privacy features.

There are numerous reasons for parents to buy and set up a parental control solution on their kids’ devices. Let us discuss a few of them here.

Monitor Your Kid’s Web Browsing History

Your kids can find almost anything on their web browsers. Both good and bad. Kids using search engines to find useful and informational content is not worrisome. However, when they look up for inappropriate content on those search engines, then it becomes a problem for parents.

By using a reliable parental control solution, you can block and filter all the inappropriate sites so your kids cannot open them. On the other hand, search engines also have built-in privacy features. For example, Google has a SafeSearch feature that allows you to block adult content and inappropriate images, videos, and sites from the search results. Other web browsers also have similar features. Before setting up parental control and safety features on your kid’s device, it’s important that you talk to them about inappropriate and age-appropriate content.

Monitor Your Kid’s Device

While your kids learn to spend time on the internet and make friends on social media platforms, you can play your role by keeping a check on their electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, and tablets. With the help of parental controls, you can monitor all the activities and events taking place on your kid’s device.

For example, you can monitor their phone calls, text messages, emails, web browsing history, social media, etc. If you find your kid engaging in inappropriate activity, you can take action immediately and stop them from doing what they are doing. Also, it is recommended that you inform your kids when you are monitoring their devices with the help of parental controls so they can tell you their accounts’ passwords.

Set Privacy Features on Gaming Consoles

The majority of gaming consoles provide internet access. Using this feature, kids can browse the internet, interact with other players during a game, and make in-app purchases. There is no doubt that the inclusion of these features can make the games a whole lot more interesting for your kids, but, at the same time, you would not want them to use credit cards to make in-app purchases or to talk to strangers.

By using parental control apps, you can create user profiles where your kids can only access certain features of the gaming consoles or allow you to keep track of what they are doing while playing the game. You can also block the games which you deem unsuitable for your kids.

Track Your Kid’s Location

Parental controls use GPS technology embedded in the cellphones to track your kid’s exact location. No matter where your kids are, with parental controlapps, you can ensure that they are safe and sound. In case your kids are not where they were supposed to be, you can reach out to them during emergencies.

Just make sure that the GPS feature remains on your kid’s phone. Only then parental control apps can track their whereabouts. You can also talk to your kids about safety measures. Ask them to refrain from posting their location on social media accounts because if they haven’t set up any privacy settings, strangers can access their information.

Monitor Your Kid’s Social Media Activity

The parental control software can also help you monitor your kid’s social media activity. Kids are spending way more time on social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram. They are also using instant text messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber.

These are the platforms where you need to monitor your kid’s behaviour. It is easier for stalkers, hackers, pedophiles, and bullies to reach out to your kids on these online platforms. So, make sure you are monitoring all your kid’s online interactions.

Set Screen Time Limits on Your Kid’s Device

Screen time can be highly addictive for your kids. It can cause your kids into spending long hours in front of their screens, detaching them from their physical surroundings. A kid can have a tough time breaking free from screen time addiction compared to most adults.

The more your kids are spending time before their screens, the more they are likely to develop problems such as poor eyesight, lack of sleep, bad posture, and lack of physical activity. With parental controls, you can set boundaries by applying screen time limits on their device use.

Encourage your kids to engage in physical activities such as going outside for a walk, playing an outdoor sport, etc., instead of using their cellphones.

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