Aerospace nickel alloy pipe

Nickel in its pure form as well as nickel based alloys are the backbone of many high performance, yet demanding markets where in properties such as corrosion resistance and/or heat resistance are deemed important for several applications.

One of the key features of Nickel Pipe is its resistance to corrosion. As typical of pure nickel, the metal has the ability to exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion. This is visible especially, in the presence of alkaline solutions such as caustic soda. Additionally, also Nickel Pipe shows outstanding resistance against not only highly pure halogen gas but also non-oxidizing acids. Hence, nickel is used in various key areas such as caustic soda concentration containers.

pure nickel pipe can be welded easily by conventional practices such as –  either MIG or TIG. However, when nickel pipes are welded at high temperatures, it is essential to completely remove slug present on the surface of the metal in order to prevent high temperature corrosion. Therefore, pure nickel pipes are used in applications involving – high temperature aerospace components, extreme service pumps, nuclear reactors, turbines, pulp and paper production & pollution control.

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