5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing continues to expand and change rapidly, and most people know that they need to have marketing going, but they don’t have the time to learn or to keep up with a regular marketing schedule.

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a possible solution to this challenge. It makes sense to hire digital marketing experts rather than to hire untrained workers.

For businesses or individuals looking to build their online presence or get a positive R.O.I. going for their digital marketing efforts, here’s what to avoid:

  1. Services Packages without a Clear Plan

When you look at a digital marketing agency‘s service offerings, they have a variety of packages for entities of different sizes, but they do not describe how the services help the prospective customer.

We suggest asking the following questions:

  1. Can the results of this company be verified through a third party like Google?
  2. How do their packages and pricing compare to similar companies?
  3. Do they provide clear success case studies?

  1. No Regular Metrics Reporting

There are companies that provide a dashboard where it’s possible to monitor what type of results each campaign is producing. And, there are companies that provide regular reports on where they are getting results from and the type of results.

Make sure companies provide at least one of these options:

  1. A personal account manager that you can reach easily.
  2. A dashboard so you can see exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing.
  3. Daily or weekly reports.

  1. One Time Coordinating

The company asks for a description of the desired market and company they provide services for only once. But, companies evolve, so regular coordination is needed with the sales team or in-house marketing manager(s).

Establish the standard from the beginning of the relationship to include:

  1. A meeting with the marketing or sales team once a week or more.
  2. Pre-established key performance indicators to monitor and discuss.
  3. Ease with adjusting campaigns as the company’s needs change and grow.

  1. A Promise of Rapid Results

It takes time to build an audience or even get existing customers in the habit of engaging with the content produced. Companies promising thousands of followers or subscribers in a short time are probably not providing quality.

Additionally, you may find the following issues:

  1. They use tactics that violate terms of service for websites to find ‘junk emails’ for you.
  2. They have partnerships with countries that have less Internet regulation to produce fake followers for you.
  3. They are not skilled at creating great content and engaging campaigns, so they try to compensate with empty numbers and illegal tactics.

  1. The Perfect Website

Some digital marketing agencies are great at SEO, so it is easy to find them, and they have great packages for SEO and website design, but their digital marketing packages do not match their skills of web design and SEO.

Keep the following in mind about beautiful websites:

  1. SEO is a skill that does not necessarily help a company grow the bottom line.
  2. A fancy and modern website may not be user friendly or get new customers.
  3. Their website may be expertly designed, but they can be lacking testimonials with substance.

One of the worst newbie mistakes is hiring a teenager or personal assistant to handle digital marketing. These people often are not aware of marketing trends or using the best industry software. Using a digital marketing agency is the best option if a company requires ongoing services and expertise that produces a R.O.I. on their marketing budget.

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