Why get a Gaming Mice over a normal one?

If you are an active gamer you know how important it is to own all the right gear. But if you have just started, this is the time to learn more. When it comes to gaming, every little factor makes a difference. When all is right, the whole process is gaming is more effective and a lot of fun. If you are playing online with other members of the community, you do not want to be left behind because of a technicality.

All games take their gear seriously and if you are not doing the same, then here is a chance you could be left behind. The mice are one such device that can make or break your game. In first-person-shooting games, the quality of a gamer is just as effective as that of his/her gear. If you are feeling the lag, there is a good chance you need to invest in good mice. You can know more about the right mice by visiting https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice.

The right mice for a game are one that covers three basic advantages. These are factors that the makes of gaming mice have kept in mind that a normal mouse makes does not account for.

Here are 3 major points to note:

1. Better DPI and Polling Rate

DPI or the dots per inch is the number of does the mouse pointer can read on a screen at a time. In the case of gaming mice, this number has to be controlled. This helps the games make more agile moves. For example, if your mice are set to 3000 DPI, then it will be able to glide to a lot more points on the screen. This is not the ideal situation as you want more accurate and narrow movements. So in gaming mice, you will be able to adjust this as low as you like.

The polling rate is the number that determines how many times your mice have a signal to the system. In the case of high-end gaming mice, this rate can be very high. This provides a lag-free game.

2.Key Access

Compared to your conventional mouse, these provide a few more keys and scrolls. If you are playing simple computer games, then a normal mouse will be sufficient. If you looking to invest in complex PC games, then the added buttons like left and right navigation, scroll and thumb buttons create a superior experience.

3. Durable

These mice are made to last longer. A gaming mouse has been made keeping in mind the hard impacts and repeating tapping. A regular mouse made for everyday office work is not capable of taking a beating of this kind. This beating will result in the mouse losing its keys or malfunctioning in a few years. Gaming mice, however, are made to last ages.

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