Your Guide For Finding The Best App Development Company!

Nowadays, outsourcing application development is common practice. Why? Because hiring locally can cost a fortune—or at least, too much for startups or small businesses. Even entrepreneurs or organizations that do have enough capital to hire locally choose to look offshore, as it’s cost-effective and nothing is lost in terms of developer talent. In the past, there were concerns about communication and cultural differences that could affect the outcome of an app. These days, offshore development companies are well-accustomed to navigating cultural differences, many have expanded internationally and will have offices closer to you than you think.

Popular Companies That Have Benefited From Outsourcing Development

Outsourcing development is not just for new companies that are trying to grow. All of the following companies have made the most of offshore development to fill in skill gaps, increase productivity, as well as saving time and money:

GitHub: Outsourced backend web development during its early stages.

Slack: Outsourced logo creation, marketing site design, and both their mobile and web applications.

Slack is probably the most relevant example here as they outsourced application services. The fact that they outsourced both design and development is a testament to the adaptability of outsourcing.

Let’s get into things.

Hiring An OffShore Team: The Right Traits

There are a few characteristics you need to ensure the company you choose has. Additionally, it’s important to consider if you require the offshore team you hire to work with your own team. If so, the team’s ability to communicate and coordinate with your team becomes even more vital.

Skills and Expertise

Different companies will specialize in different areas of development. Most will offer a range of services, some which will be more popular or active than others.

Obviously, you need to check what app development services they offer. The most experienced companies offer iOS, Android and hybrid (iOS and Android) application services.

After you’ve checked that they specialize in the service you want, you need to look at their company portfolio. What previous app projects have they completed? What sort of technologies and platforms have they used? Have they done both development and application design work?

Communication Skills

The development company you hire needs to have an adequate amount of English proficiency. Don’t expect an offshore development team to speak the same flavor of English that your team does (assuming they’re predominantly English speaking)—everyone just needs to understand each other.

Communication also refers to how the team uses different communication channels for different information. The progress of your app should be regularly updated over email or a messaging service you’ve mutually agreed on, while other parts need to be discussed over a call. The team should be willing to organize appropriate call times, especially if you only have a short window of mutual uptime due to a timezone difference.

The best companies will have teams in multiple time zones, so they can communicate with you outside of your normal working hours. Their technical support will often be either 24/7 or 18/5. However, you should ensure that their 24/7 doesn’t just mean a chatbot. Your app could go down overnight and you’ll need a human to speak to in that event!


Reputation is earned. The development industry is competitive and constantly changing; any company that has over 5 years in the game has established themselves as a reputable option. But we’re looking for the best here: to narrow things down you need to read and watch reviews. You’ll find plenty of reviews and testimonials on a company site, and video testimonials are extremely helpful; a video testimonial shows that their client wanted to make the effort to provide that video and it indicates a positive working relationship.

To remove influence from the company itself the most meaningful reviews you’ll find will be on third-party research and ratings site such as Companies like Clutch reach out to past and current clients of development companies for an honest take on their services. Such reviews will usually cover the cost, ability, scheduling, and quality of their services and whether they’d refer a friend to use their services. Independent search companies are a great way of separating the average from the best.

Respect for Privacy

Lastly, it should be evident that the team you pick is trustworthy with project confidentiality and data security. Signing a non-disclosure agreement or service level agreement shouldn’t come as a surprise and should be mentioned during consulting.

What Country Is Best To Hire Application Development Services From

There are a few countries that immediately come to mind, each with their own pros and cons.

The Philippines are popular but developers here can be affected by unpredictable weather, i.e typhoons that lead to flooding.

Belarus has a high level of technical skills, but are marred by a reputation that doesn’t respect security and confidentiality. If you’re hiring in Belarus, confidentiality agreements need to be emphasized!

Development companies in China are affordable, but you’re more likely to run into cultural differences that affect the progress of your app. Cultural miscommunication often results in app development being prolonged and costing you more anyway.

The most consistent place to hire quality app development companies is India. Why? India has an extremely large population of science, maths and engineering graduates. Of course, you’re probably not looking for junior developer or graduate services—but it’s a reflection of the demand for development.

India has had a large presence in international development for many years and there are many companies with a decades worth of development experience to choose from. This not only means that companies will have very experienced app developers and project managers, it’s also a reflection of the development of communication skills and cultural adaptability.

India is very cost effective, the average salary of an app developer is approximately Rs 850,000 (approx US $11,890) per year. Compare this to the average salary of an app developer in America, $100,000 per year, it’s easy to see why looking offshore is popular.

India’s timezone is the opposite of America’s. A large portion of clients are from America, who enjoy the efficiency of having a team always working on their application. The Indian offshore team completes tasks, which the other team can then work on, review or make suggestions on in the morning. Essentially, this can half the time it takes to create a quality app.

Recommended Application Development Companies in India

So far we’ve given our recommendation for where you’re most likely to find outstanding app development companies and the traits you need to ensure they have. Now, we’ll point out a couple of companies who have proven themselves to be reputable options for application development. You don’t have to go with these companies, but they’re a good example of what the best companies look like.

  • 360 Technosoft, Ahmedabad

This company has been around since 2006. They offer both iOS and Android app development and have a rich portfolio displaying their work. They even feature case studies of past projects which can give you a more in-depth look at their skills and the variety of apps they’ve completed. If you do go with this company, ensure you clarify what information you’re comfortable being included in their case study—you might want to keep confidential what others haven’t.

CodeClouds are an international development company that are based in Kolkata, but also have offices in the US, Australia and New Zealand. So, you’re always going to have someone to talk to at any time of the day. They have a decades worth of industry experience and have expert app developers for iOS, Android and Hybrid app development. They’re a popular choice because of their developer packages, essentially it allows clients to hire an entire development team at a fixed monthly cost, the size of the team can be increased or decreased dependent on current project needs.

Best of Luck

Of course, there are great development companies everywhere. This article aimed to give you the highest chance of finding the best app development companies. We’ve given our recommendation, but it’s up to you. Part of the success of your project is on you and how you manage your relationship with the external team. If wondering how to do this effectively, read this piece on developer productivity and client management.

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