Top 3 Cyber Security Threats to Be Aware Of

Every enterprise in the world needs to watch out for cyber security threats due to the rapidly increasing numbers of cybercriminals who are constantly striving to improve their hacking techniques with every passing year. One of the biggest problems is that the availability of state-of-the-art technology is providing more attack surface to these cybercriminals. Thus, it is important for executives, as well as IT leaders, to begin preparing for the inescapable. They need to be aware of the ways to prevent any kind of security breach.

The following is a list of top 5 cyber security threats that every organization must be ready for:

1.          Ransomware and Malware

According to a recent study, someone becomes a victim of ransomware every 14 seconds. Utilizing Malware or software to refuse access to a system unless a ransom is paid, such menaces are known to take a toll on your budget as compared to the conventional breaches. However, the ransom amount or the costs of stolen data are not the only factors that are encouraging the executives to enhance their security measures. A wide range of legitimate programs utilizes keylogging which makes it impossible to restrict keyloggers from accessing your computer and this is also a motivating factor. Thus, executives need to be aware of how to detect a keylogger so that they can protect their computers from any potential threat.

2.          Endpoint Attacks

In this digital age, it is seen that a large number of enterprises transfer their resources into the cloud. This will enable the intruders to overcome the security measures due to the growing extent of the attack surface. The bring-your-own-device culture along with an increase in SaaS providers for information services allows hackers to choose from a slew of attack vectors.

The greatest challenge that enterprises encounter at present is ensuring access to these individual resources.

3.          Phishing: Becoming More Complicated than Before

Phishing is known as one of the most convenient and inexpensive ways to jeopardize targets. Over the years, phishing has constantly been the number one cyber security threat. This is because generally, phishing attacks seem to be normal, daily emails from reliable sources still deliver malware to your system or device, providing the hackers with significant access that they require. With the rapidly increasing use of SaaS services such as Office 365 or Dropbox, hackers are also enhancing their impersonation abilities with relatively more complex attacks like credential stuffing.

Therefore, it is important to opt for organized detection as well as response security services to effectively determine and reduce the number of threats.

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