How to Use Cloudflare to Improve your Search Rankings       

Cloudflare can positively impact your search rankings provided it is properly installed.  Read this article to understand how this Content Delivery Network (CDN) tool can be installed the right way. Further, this article explains why Cloudflare is a great tool to improve your search rankings. First things first!

Installing Cloudflare on your WordPress Site

  1. Create your Cloudflare account and add your site name to your Cloudflare account. Click ‘Begin Scan’.
  2. Next, choose one of the following options: a) CDN and Protection b) DNS. Wait until your Cloudflare icon turns orange, this means your account is enabled.
  3. Select your pricing plan. If you are a new user, click ‘Free Plan’. Next, click ‘Continue’.
  4. Change the nameservers on your domain to point to Cloudflare. Click ‘Continue’ next.
  5. This step is optional. If you like, you may want to install the Cloudflare plugin. To do that, go to your Admin page>Plugins>Add New and then search for Cloudflare. Click ‘Install’ and you are ready to go.

Cloudflare and Search Rankings

At least this much is true that there is a direct correlation between page load times and search rankings.

At any given moment, millions of users are trying to load millions and millions of web pages to get the right information. Once the right keywords are punched inside the search box, you are plied with thousands of results. You like a particular result and click the link, and the page starts loading very slowly.

What happens next?

Most probably, the user will lose his patience quickly and move on to another web link. You’ve just lost one prospective lead but more importantly, search engines have also given you thumbs down. Your webpage now is listed several pages below in search engine rankings.

You can avoid this situation by speeding up content delivery from your website to the user. This can be done by installing a Content Delivery Network tool on your web platform.  If you are web hosting provider, offering CDN becomes more important as it might become your unique selling point. Ask your reseller web hosting company to provide you with tools such as Cloudflare.

When you have a CDN around, it figures out the shortest path from your origin server to the user. At any given time, your files, text, videos, etc. are stored in several servers around the world. Some of those servers could be located half a continent away, while others might be just right there in the neighbourhood. A good CDN tool like Cloudflare simply chalks out the optimum distance and time the information would take in travelling to the user’s computer.

Therefore, if you want more users, and therefore more engagements, on your site, insist on having the right CDN tool.

The other way Cloudflare improves your search rankings is securing your site from anonymous hackers.

If yours is an Ecommerce website, it would be storing valuable information pertaining to payments, credit/ debit cards, personal information, etc. There is a positive correlation between site security and search rankings. Cloudflare makes a secure tunnel between the website data and the user; this tunnel staves off attacks from hackers and bots.

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