Windows 10 Home: Install And Activate Your Copy Of Windows Now!

Microsoft had a tough time pleasing people with Windows 8.1. It was not surprising that they launched Windows 10 pretty quick, and it is almost an updated version of Windows 7 with subtle hints that are hard to miss. Of course, Windows 10 scores high in terms of features, connectivity and privacy tools, and there are two editions to choose from. The Home edition is what most users would need, and it is a comprehensive operating system that works for most computers. The Pro edition, much like the name says, is designed for professional and commercial users. There is also a third version of Windows 10, called Pro for Workstations meant for businesses.

In this post, we are discussing more on how you can buy Windows 10 Home product key and get your copy of Windows activated.

Why invest in Windows 10 Home keys?

You need to understand that each product key is unique and can be used for activating only copy of Windows. Also, the key for the Home edition cannot be used for the Pro edition, or vice versa. The good news is you can download Windows 10 Home for free, or rather upgrade from previous versions of Windows for free to Windows 10. After this, you will be asked to Activate Windows. Keep in mind that you can still use the copy of the OS, but you wouldn’t have any access to the personalization features or other things that the full-stack version of Windows 10 Home has to offer.

Buying a product key

Now, besides the official website of Microsoft, you can get keys from Windows 10 Home from many websites. These websites work with resellers and buy retail keys in bulk, and since the price difference is considerable, they offer a discount. If you are buying from one of these websites, you have to check and ensure that the concerned seller is genuine and will offer 100% support for the entire setup and activation process. It takes minutes to get the product key on email, and you can go to the Settings section and find the ‘Update and Security’ to get things done.

In conclusion

Do not skip the process of activating Windows 10 Home, because you want to make the most of the OS, which happens to be one of the best versions in years. The Home edition is what most people would prefer for every computing needs.

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